Short Term Medical

Short term medical (STM) plans, also referred to as temporary health insurance, offer a temporary solution when a life transition leaves you uninsured. Short term medical coverage usually lasts for as few as 30 days and up to 364 days in some states. Temporary insurance plans have more restricted coverage than major medical but also can have a lower premium.

What Does Short Term Health Insurance Cover?

Covered expenses for temporary health insurance plans generally include the high-dollar, unexpected care and treatment you may require as a result of an illness or injury – from a serious medical event like a heart attack or stroke to a broken leg or doctor’s office visit due to illness.

What STM Covers

  • Hospital room and board
  • Emergency room – anesthesiology and surgical care
  • Diagnostic services – x-Rays, laboratory tests, and analysis
  • Ambulance and surgical services
  • Doctor visits

What STM Does NOT Cover

  • Sport-related Injuries
  • Injuries or illness related to participating in extreme or dangerous activites
  • Medical costs resulting from injury from riding an ATV (dirt bike, snowmobile, go-cart), racing with a motorcycle, boat or any form of aircraft
  • Treatment of pre-existing conditions
  • Any medical expenses incurred prior to the effective date or after the expiration date of your policy
  • Tobacco, drug, and alcohol-related treatment expenses

Remember, these plans are highly customizable (that’s one of the perks!). Contact me today to learn more.

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