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Employee Benefit Offerings

Benefits are often obtained through the work place, and supplemental insurance has become a bigger part of employee benefit offerings. Often, the list of benefits available may be more comprehensive to include Short and Long Term Disability, Life, Dental and Vision. And additional supplemental benefits are available in Hospital, Accident, Cancer and Critical illness coverage.

Payroll deduction of these benefits means they can often be pre taxed and help both employees and employers realize tax savings.

The rate stability of supplemental insurance makes it an attractive benefit offering. It can be a voluntary benefit, meaning it costs nothing for the employer to offer. Employees can choose from a menu of offerings to customize their benefit choices.

In some cases, employers have found it very cost effective to provide a defined contribution for these supplemental benefit options. The competitive environment of attracting and retaining employees combined with a tight labor market make employer paid supplemental insurance a growing consideration of employers and human resource professionals.

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